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Make: Emerson
Model: 516
Model Year: 1947
Bands: BC
Features: Tone Control



*This radio uses the 120056 chassis with loctal tubes instead of the octal tubes as shown in the schematic. All voltages etc. are the same but the tube pin numbers are different. This change is explained in Riders 17 page 1.

Chris' Old Radios

This photo above is as found, an ebay purchase that shipping cost more than the winning bid! Of course the this radio is not originally red and fortunately the painter took the time to remove the back, glass and knobs.
This radio was purchased for the kitchen because it was small and orginally white, my wife has a place picked out above the breakfast table. Below is the stripped bakelite case in very good condition. My shop isn't heated so I reassembled the little radio until spring when I can repaint it.


The chassis was completely rewired and all capacitors replaced and works very well after an odd problem. The radio worked good on the bench but once installed in the cabinet it would fade away after 10 or 15 minutes. I took the chassis out and couldn't duplicate the problem so I reinstalled it and waited for it to fade, when the volume dropped I took the scientific approach and started taping each tube and after taping the 35Y4 (rectifier) the volume returned to full. I then clipped in my Triplett 631 and set the process in motion again. After a few minutes the B+ voltage would slowly drop off, tap the tube with my finger and B+ would slowly rise and fall again.
Just proves a tube could test good and still not operate correctly. I'm sure if I had left the 35Y4 on my Precision 612 long enough it may have given different results.