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Airline 04WG-731B

Make: Airline
Model: 04WG-731B
Year: 1940
Bands:  BC/SW

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Chris' Old Radios


This radio is the result of making one good one from two. I had one set with a great chassis and rough cabinet to include a missing dial glass. I found another on Ebay, listed "as found, speaker bad". Paying more for shipping than the radio, the photo clearly showed rotted grill cloth so I didn't expect much, all I wanted was the dial and some other parts anyway. I was plesently surprised when I received the radio, the cabinet was pratically flawless. The final result is pictured above.

Above is the chassis from the Ebay radio, it had severe mouse damage and yes the speaker was bad and all the remaining tubes had open filaments. Fortunately I had the chassis from my original set, pictured below.

I had completely replaced all the old rubber wires and capacitors in my original chassis in anticipation of day I would find the parts. I didn't have a antenna before so once I connected the donor antenna I was able to finally hear it play properly.

Although not one of the most attractive radios built for the 1941 year model, this Airline provides good reception and great audio tone. I've seen this model on Ebay occasionally however almost half are missing the glass dial. I found the bezel on my donor radio had chipped the sides of the dial glass as it shrunk from age and bad storage. Now the missing dial glass mystery is solved!