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Future Projects

#1 Firestone 4-A-42


I picked up this one in a group buy, only one of the bunch in decent shape.A 10 tube AM/FM chassis with Push Pull 6V6 outputs. It should be a great performer once complete.

I have a bunch of projects that I probably won't get to any time soon and from the shape of them you'll understand why.

#2 Admiral L05-K63


There's some thing about this basic 6 tube BC/SW radio, can't explain it, I just have this desire to restore it. The chassis is the same as similar table top radios. I brought the radio up slowly on the variac and it plays great! Part of the group buy. Hey, what did I expect for a truck load of radios for $25!

Cabinet is presently stripped awaiting new finish. Stay tuned for the outcome.

#3 Philco 48-451


The odds of being restored are in favor of this little radio, needs the speaker re coned and the antenna coil replaced. I've actually got half a chance with this one!



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