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Hallicrafters SX-25
Super Defiant

Make: Hallicrafters

Model: SX-25

Model Year: 1946
(1940 - 1946)

Bands: BC/Ham/SW
.54mc - 42.0mc

4- 6SK7
2- 6SQ7

2- 6F6


At roughly 52 pounds this is a true Boatanchor. A hot receiver with Push Pull 6F6 output tubes so it has excellent audio qualities as well. This old receiver worked fairly well as found however the audio was a bit muddy. It was a fun electrical restoration, I replaced all the paper capacitors, checked the resistors and repaired the phasing variable capacitor. The audio is now clear and sounds incredible with the Hallicraftres PM-23 speaker (the large magnet Jensen). The cabinet was pretty dirty so I carefully cleaned it with a Brillo pad, you'll find some rough spots but retains it's original paint. The serial number of this unit traces to July 1946 production.

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Chris's Old Radios