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Zenith H 724Z

Make:  Zenith
Model:  H 724Z
"Super Triumph"
Year: 1951
Bands:  BC & FM

Schematic (174K)

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Chris' Old Radios

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This little AM/FM set came to me as a gift from my wife. 
It was very dirty and I initially thought is was black bakelite, a good cleaning revealed it to be dark walnut. To my surprise, the electronics are in great shape including the filter capcitors and only required replacing the 12AU6 to bring it to life.

This design was used in various years and trim themes, this model used a maroon felt behind the brass grill.  The original was in bad shape and I replaced it with standard maroon craft felt that matched almost perfectly.
This chassis (7H02Z) utilizes a selenium rectifier that should be replaced for safety and reliability purposes if the set is to be plugged in full time.

Features include a tone control on the right side of the cabinet.